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feminine energy and connectionFeminine Energy and Connection

My special yoga classes and workshops are designed to connect you with your “Goddess” energy, your feminine essence and encourage your own unique expression within a supportive group environment. In these specialty classes, we explore your “inner world” and gently dive into more Self- awareness, (including fears and limiting beliefs), learn to express our creativity and connect with our divine feminine energy within ourselves. You will be supported in a sacred space and guided through yoga movement, breath, relaxation and various energetic exercises.

Mother-Daughter Yoga Classes

These specialty classes provide a fun opportunity to strengthen the special bond between mom and daughter. You will learn fundamental yoga poses, the importance of proper breathing and how to relax when feeling stressed out! We practice the poses one on one and as a group and learn about body awareness and mindfulness. You also explore how to use your “voice” and communicate your feelings as a woman, (and girl), and how this helps to build confidence and feel empowered. My mother-daughter yoga classes will give you both a chance to move, laugh, relax and spend quality time together. Please check the Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation catalog for the next scheduled session at www.uaoh.net or feel free to contact me at Kim@awakenyourinnerlight.com.


Dragonfly Flow Yoga for Girls

This class is for girls ages 10-13 years old. In my Dragonfly Flow classes, we focus on yoga methods that help your preteen with stress relief, focus and self- confidence. We explore basic, (and some challenging), yoga poses, breathing techniques and creative relaxation. As you know, your daughter is going through many changes at this age, both physically and emotionally, and often feels stressed, overwhelmed and sometimes unsure of her place in this fast paced world. In Dragonfly Flow, your daughter will learn methods that help her to:

  • Cope with stress/anxiety about school and the social scene, (bullying, “frenemies” and fitting in issues)
  • Learn body awareness through balance and strengthening yoga poses
  • Feel more confident and self assured
  • Increase her focus and concentration abilities
  • Improve communication skills so she can express her true feelings in a respectful and honest way
  • Shift to a positive body image and/or honor her body
  • Increase self awareness and "true self power" with less emphasis of external influences and opinions of peers
  • Be a respectful friend, (and sibling), and connect with other girls
  • Embrace self-love and self care and take routine quiet time to relax and “listen” to her own wisdom

mother daughter yogaI will guide them through the yoga poses, teach the importance of their breath, take them on visualization/relaxation journeys and encourage honest dialog and communication on the above topics. The goal in my classes is to touch upon these important topics, give your daughter the chance to be heard and have fun with other girls while doing it. Dragonfly Flow Yoga is all about self -acceptance, love, laughter and appreciation for life! This will be a great series to help your daughter be more prepared for the school scene and to feel more calm, confident and excited as she moves into the next stage of their life. I will give your daughter important and practical tools that support her to live with balance, awareness and confidence as she embarks on her life’s journey.

Please call or email Kim at Kim@awakenyourinnerlight.com or (614) 284-4975 for more information on the on going Dragonfly Flow yoga sessions for girls.


Level 1: Inside Out Workout Classes - Sierra Bender Empowerment® Method

The SBEM® workouts are geared to women to help you feel more empowered physically, but also take you deeper into your emotional, mental and spiritual states and bring all four areas into alignment.

  • Are you living in your true, authentic power?
  • Are your boundaries with others balanced and healthy?
  • Do you speak “your truth” to your loved ones? Co-workers? Acquaintances?
  • Do you ever find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself? Others?
  • How do you present yourself in the world as a woman?
  • Do you long for a chance to connect with other women, to create some kind of sisterhood, instead of comparing and competing?

If you feel like you need some support in any of the above areas after responding to these questions, then you are ready for an SBEM® Level 1; Inside Out workout with Kim!

These classes will take you from the “inside out” to bring more self-awareness in regard to your self -confidence, your boundaries, how you relate to others and speak your true feelings and much more. This is about connecting to your own Divine Feminine energy while learning to open your heart to yourself and others!

Kim studied personally with Sierra Bender, creator of the Goddess to the Core® curriculum which is, “ a 4 Body Fit® approach to holistic fitness, health and healing, (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)”. This Goddess to the Core® workout, “redefines fitness, beauty and power by teaching women to lead from the inside out with power, purpose and passion to a stronger, healthier and more holistic lifestyle.”

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Goddess to the Core® Mantra:

goddess to the coreI am feminine.
I am sensual.
I am sexual.
I am powerful.
Don’t ever mistake my kindness for weakness, and don’t ever take me for granted!

Kim teaches these powerful methods locally at various times throughout the year. Please email her directly at Kim@awakenyourinnerlight.com for information regarding her upcoming class schedule.

For more information on the Sierra Bender Empowerment Method philosophy and offered courses, please visit Sierra’s website at www.SierraBender.com.

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“Jump Start” Health and Stress Relief Package with Kim and Frederick

Eliminate Your Stress, Get fit and Feel great in 30 days- guaranteed!

  • Are you often feeling stress and tension and not sure how to deal with it?
  • Are you often feeling tired and slightly, (or entirely), out of shape?
  • Do you frequently feel a disconnect with your partner, your children and others in your life?
  • Do you feel like you are living a generally healthy lifestyle but would like to take it to another level?
  • Do you sometimes feel like life is passing you by so quickly and you’re not really enjoying your days to the fullest?


  • You are living each day feeling calm, with more clarity and peace of mind
  • You have more passion and vitality and actually love how you look!
  • You are living each day with more clarity and presence with your partner, your children, loved ones and co-workers
  • You handle challenging situations with balanced, thoughtful responses, instead of impulsive reactions
  • You feel more efficient at work and with your daily tasks, almost like time has slowed down
  • You are now living at your highest potential, physically, emotionally and spiritually…finally!

If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself and eliminate your stress, get fit and feel great, this special package is for you!

Frederick Entenmann is a professional leader in the fields of corrective, high performance exercise kinesiology and the mind-body holistic health field. He uses a progressive program designed to address all aspects of well being, leading to a holistically balanced mind and body.

Kim is the Yin to Frederick’s Yang. As you work with Frederick each week, Kim will offer private yoga and meditation on the other days to compliment and balance your fitness routine. By stretching, breathing and calming your mind with yoga and meditation you will feel lighter, have more mental clarity AND look and feel amazing!

Here is what your 30 day “jump start” package will include:

  • 2 personal 60 minute sessions with Frederick per week for 4 consecutive weeks
  • 2 private 75 minute yoga/ meditation sessions with Kim per week for 4 consecutive weeks

We will support you every step of the way and not only guide you through your program, but give you tools to take with you in your daily routine.

In order to create change, you have to take ACTION! By making the commitment to improve your physical and emotional health, you will not only feel the benefits of being your best self now, but, change the course of your life for the better! You will your feel more vitality and balance and everyone around you will notice the positive changes in you!

Take action and sign up today for a free consultation. Your health and happiness is vital and affects every area of your life. Click below to sign up for a free discovery session with Kim.

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quote topDragonfly Flow Yoga for younger girls
My daughter and her friends love their weekly yoga class with Kim at Dragonfly Flow Yoga. The class focuses on giving “tweens” the freedom to express themselves through yoga. Balance, stability, focus, aromatherapy and stress relief are a part of each class. My daughter is learning strengthening and stretching exercises but more importantly she is learning how to develop the awareness of breath, body, and mind; strategies my daughter uses daily at school and at home and will have for a lifetime. I have also noticed that my daughter is developing more confidence and better social skills since starting her classes at Dragonfly Flow Yoga. Kim is a calm and thoughtful instructor with a warm energy. Through her expertise she is giving my daughter the tools to cope with the many demands of busy schedules and just being a “tween”. This class is a great balance for busy lives, competitive sports, electronics and school pressures and I highly recommend Dragonfly Flow Yoga to everyone.

quote bottom
 - Laura S.
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