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Mind-Body Awareness - Practicing yoga will improve your strength, flexibility, help with negative and self -defeating thoughts and increase self –confidence so you can live a happy, healthy and productive life. Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique to relieve stress and clear negative energy in our body and mind. Read More »

Coaching Programs

Going Deeper - My private coaching sessions will take you to a deeper level of self- discovery and spiritual awakening. We will address your self-limiting patterns; acknowledge where these false beliefs originated and heal through yoga movement, breath and energy work, visualizations and open, supportive conversation. Read More »

Specialty Classes

Goddess Energy and Connection - My workshops are designed to connect to our Goddess energy. Along with doing our own individual work and self-reflection, we will share and connect through yoga movement, breath work and group exercises that allow us to access our intuitive female wisdom, connect to our powerful Goddess energy and experience the Oneness that exists between us all. Read More »

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quote topI have known Kim now for many years and am continually amazed at her insightfulness and fortitude. I first started taking Kim’s yoga classes as a beginner and she has made me completely fall in love with it. Her ability to teach the concepts, show the poses and truly connect with her students, yet challenge them, in a non-threatening way is one of her biggest strengths. Over the years, I have relied on Kim not just for yoga but also for personal coaching. She has the ability to see past the exterior of a person and be able to translate so much of what is going on in one’s life. I am so thankful that Kim has been there to help me grow as a person, being able to implement her guidance on a daily basis and actually see results over time. I would highly recommend Kim for any level of life’s challenges – as a yoga instructor at all levels, as a teacher of meditation, and as a personal coach.

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 - Kerry S.
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