yoga classes coachKim Crigger is a woman who embodies a path of strength and softness. Her yogi background blends her roles as an empowerment mentor, energy healer, yoga teacher, and female advocate. Kim has studied with leading yoga experts and spiritual healers around the country in Yoga for kids and adults, Reiki, Shamanism, Tantra and Western astrology. She was certified with YogaKids in 2007, followed by a certification in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in 2008. She has explored the concepts of the Divine feminine and masculine energies with a Master Teacher in Sedona and earned her certification in Tantric studies in 2010. In addition, she also became a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition that year. In 2011, Kim studied with Sierra Bender, a leader in female empowerment, earning a certification in 2013, enabling her to bring these powerful concepts to women in her own community. Currently, Kim’s teaching focus includes Mother-daughter yoga, yoga for preteen girls and private yoga offerings and coaching sessions.

Kim took her first yoga class in 1995, where she experienced an inner awakening from yoga as a path to nurture herself. After her first child was born, she practiced yoga at home to help lose the “baby weight”, release stress, and ease tension in her body, and she also continued it during the pregnancy of her second child. Her personal transformation from yoga fueled her desire to take it deeper, so she did, and she devoted herself to becoming a teacher to children and teens. Her new state of self-awareness offered clarity, emotional balance, and improved physical health. Yoga altered her life journey, and she witnessed her fellow colleagues going through similar positive changes. This awakening confirmed her intention to share her gifts of heart-centered teaching to other adults and teens. Having uncovered her new passion for yoga, Kim felt guided to teach and support women and girls to what she calls their “True Self” power, which creates balance and ultimate happiness in ALL areas of life. She is inspired to help them improve their physical and emotional well-being, while increasing their levels of awareness and compassion for themselves and others.

In her free time, Kim enjoys being a part of her kids’ various activities and spending time with family, her fiance and friends. She often shares fun and creative moments with her kids and relishes in watching the process as they grow into responsible, happy, (most of the time!), young teens. She enjoys traveling to exotic locations, spending time in nature, reading and creating. Kim also loves to share her passion and wisdom with women and girls to help raise their consciousness, to encourage them to embrace their own amazing gifts, and to stand in their authentic power. It is her intention to help them to AWAKEN to the truth of their own Spirit’s calling and SHINE their brightest LIGHT out into the world.

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quote topI have been working with Kim for several years now. Her impact on my yoga practice and general state of being has been immense. She teaches from her heart which makes the experience much more personal. She has given me tools I can utilize throughout my week to help me deal with stress, everyday burdens, and moments of true crisis. She has a depth of knowledge about various elements of the universe that can impact our day to day life. I frequently leave her presence having had an "ah-ha" moment. I feel very lucky to work with her weekly.

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 - Carol M.
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